The rules of Request shooting


• You can request the model only listed in [Available Request Shooting Models].

• Staff will accompany until the request shooting time.(*We may charge transportation fee of staff depend on the place.)

• please apply at least before two weeks.

• The price on the list is weekday fee. In case of weekend or holiday (according to Japan calendar);+1,000 yen(+tax) per hour.

• Cancel after reservation has been confirmed will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

 [ meeting  place ]

• In case of the place within 23 wards in Tokyo, you can join without additional charge.

• In case of the place without 23 wards in Tokyo, we will add the transportation expenses of staff and model from terminal stations in 23 wards.

 • In principle, the meeting place and end place are the same.

 • In principle, if the location is outdoor, the meeting place is the nearest subway station (in the case of studio or location far from the station, we will charge for transportation separately).

• From the time when the cameraman and the model are gathered is the start of the request shooting.

• Commercial use of photographed is prohibited.

• Video shooting is prohibited.

• Food, drink and transportation fee during the shooting time is cost by cameraman.

• It will not be canceled even if it rainy day.

• You can move a place during the shooting time by public transportation such as bus, train, taxi, etc.

​  (Transportation costs are pay by cameraman)

• It is forbidden to move by your own car.

• Request shooting is not canceled even if it rains.

[ In case of  studio shooting]

• Rental fee of the studio is cost by the cameraman.

[Number of participants]

•2 or more participants +2,000 yen(+tax); per 1 person.

[request costume ; Kimono / Yukata]

• If you want to request the costume of Kimono or Yukata, will be +2,000 yen(+tax).

The rules of Request shooting is based on the Japanese website.

Please read the                                    for exact confirmation.






[Available Request Shooting Models]

Rui Akimoto
Mari Lee
Izumi yamamoto
Rina Tonami
Miku Ito
Meika Kanzaki
Nanami Shinomiya
Rain Sakura
Rinco Itsuki
Manami Saitow
Rima Harukana
Pan Shirono
Kei Kirishima
Monaka Amakuri
Rino Mikami
Alice Seto
Rei Haruri
Yuzu Mochizuki
Ayumin Kurotsuchi
Akari Oozora
Eri Shiratani
Mizuki Mizushima
Popuri Izakura
Rara Mizuna
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