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The rules of Request shooting


• You can request the model only listed in [Available Request Shooting Models].

• Staff will accompany until the request shooting time.(*We may charge transportation fee of staff depend on the place.)

• please apply at least before two weeks.

• The price on the list is weekday fee. In case of weekend or holiday (according to Japan calendar);+1,000 yen(+tax) per hour.

• Cancel after reservation has been confirmed will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

 [ meeting  place ]

• In case of the place within 23 wards in Tokyo, you can join without additional charge.

• In case of the place without 23 wards in Tokyo, we will add the transportation expenses of staff and model from terminal stations in 23 wards.

 • In principle, the meeting place and end place are the same.

 • In principle, if the location is outdoor, the meeting place is the nearest subway station (in the case of studio or location far from the station, we will charge for transportation separately).

• From the time when the cameraman and the model are gathered is the start of the request shooting.

• Commercial use of photographed is prohibited.

• Video shooting is prohibited.

• Food, drink and transportation fee during the shooting time is cost by cameraman.

• It will not be canceled even if it rainy day.

• You can move a place during the shooting time by public transportation such as bus, train, taxi, etc.

​  (Transportation costs are pay by cameraman)

• It is forbidden to move by your own car.

• Request shooting is not canceled even if it rains.

[ In case of  studio shooting]

• Rental fee of the studio is cost by the cameraman.

[Number of participants]

•2 or more participants +2,000 yen(+tax); per 1 person.

[request costume ; Kimono / Yukata]

• If you want to request the costume of Kimono or Yukata, will be +2,000 yen(+tax).

The rules of Request shooting is based on the Japanese website.

Please read the                                    for exact confirmation.






[Available Request Shooting Models]

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